Claudia Gusmara

Claudia Gusmara
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Università degli Studi di Milano. Italy

1996 Doctor in Veterinary Medicine. State University of Milan
1997 Licence to practice Veterinary Medicine
1997 Training course in Diseases and Management of swine herd (ISZ Bs)
1997 Learning course of ISO 9000 Standards
2005 PhD in Veterinary Health and Pathology

Professional specialties
1997-1998 Cooperation agreement with an important private sector factory operating in biosecurity area of animal husbandry (Antec International), to broaden and develop improvement environmental programmes in swine herds.
1999-2000 Self-employed Herd Veterinarian in an intensive swine farm of thousand sows
2000-2002 Voluntary activity near University of Milan, Institute of Infectious disease of Domestic Animals
2002-2005 PHD in Veterinary Health and Animal Pathology
2006 ad oggi Researcher at the Department of Animal Pathology, Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health- Infectious Disease Section.

Teaching Activity
(Courses held near the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan)

2006 Training lessons of Infectious Disease of Domestic Animals
2007 Health Management in Intensive Swine Production

Professional and Scientific Associations
1997-2010 Member of the Italian Society of Swine Pathology and Farming (SIPAS)

Research Interests
Infectious diseases of swine: epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and control of multifactorial syndrome in intensive pig production with particular interest in door opener pathogens, like Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.
Swine herd epidemiological status in comparison with S. suis and development of prevention and control programmes
Swine herd health status, setup and management of vaccination programs, evaluation of environmental and sanitary factors conditioning welfare and immunity of animals.
Diagnosis and Spreading of Urinary Tract Infections in Sows

Scientific Collaborations
Gottschalk M. – Groupe de Recherche sur les Maladies Infectieuses du Porc - Université du Quebec (Canada).
Bozzetta E. – Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Piemonte, della Liguria e della Valle d’Aosta (Torino).
Morvan H. – Laboratoire de Développement et d'Analyses 22 (Zoopole – Ploufragan, France).

Published Papers
Author of 45 scientific papers in prevalent national journals intended for pig farming specialists. Some of them were also presented at international meetings.

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