Charlotte Sonne Kristensen

Charlotte Sonne Kristensen
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SEGES Pig Research Centre. Denmark

Charlotte Sonne Kristensen obtained her Veterinary degree from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (RVAU), Copenhagen in 1999. In 2005, she got her PhD degree in epidemiology and swine diseases.

Afterward she was employed by the SEGES Pig Research Centre as Chief Scientist and worked as that until she became Team manager for Health and Welfare, Swine, SEGES.

She is a Diplomate and a member of the Credentials Committee at the European College of Pig Health Management (ESPHM) and representative for Denmark in the International Society of Animal Hygiene (ISAH).

Her research area is mainly respiratory diseases with special emphasis on PCV2 and PRRS, where she perform experimental studies in controlled environment together with clinical trials and epidemiological studies in herds. Besides she performs investigations to calculate the economic cost of diseases and control measures including meta-analyses to estimate the effect of vaccines. She was awarded with the European PCV2-award in 2009 and the European PRRS research award in 2014. Many veterinary students have made their final thesis under her supervision and she is at the moment supervisor for 2 Phd-students.

She works as a Censor for students in veterinary science, including assessment committee for PhD-students at the Veterinary School. She has contributed to more than 20 articles ranging from respiratory diseases, enteric diseases, PCV2, PRRS, acute phase proteins and shoulder ulcers in international refereed journals.

Updated CV 08-Mar-2017


PRRSV control using vaccination and optimized management: three case studies

28-Mar-2017 (2 years 9 months 20 days ago)

Although the use of vaccination was effective in stabilizing the sows, the results of these case studies emphasized that elimination of PRRSV from the nursery can only be accomplished if vaccination and partial depopulation/ disinfection are supported by strict implementation of all recommended management procedures, including AI/AO.

PRRSV control using vaccination and optimized management: case studies