Chanhee Chae

Chanhee Chae

Seoul National University. South Korea

He graduated from Seoul National University for DVM, and hold a Master and PhD in Veterinary Pathology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is a Professor in Department of Veterinary Pathology at Seoul National University since 1994. He is also Advisory Board member for The Veterinary Journal which is the top leading journal in veterinary science area.

He is a leading expert on the PCV2, PRRSV, and M. hyopneumoniae. His research focused on pathogenesis of viral and mycoplasmal diseases in pigs, with special emphasis on (i) interaction of PCV2, PRRSV, and M. hyopneumoniae, (ii) development of vaccines for PCV2, PRRSV and M. hyopneumoniae, (iii) evaluation of commercial viral and mycoplasmal vaccines. He is author of over 200 peer-reviewed publication and several patents for vaccines and is a frequent speakers during international veterinary conference and swine diseases.

Updated CV 26-May-2015