Amy Quinn

Amy Quinn

Teagasc. Ireland

  • Amy earned BSc in Zoology in 2009 from University College Cork (UCC).
  • In 2010 she completed an MSc in Ecological Assessment from University College Cork (UCC).
  • In 2014 she completed her PhD with the University of Warwick and Teagasc entitled “Limb health in pigs: The prevalence and risk factors for lameness, limb lesions and claw lesions in pigs, and the influence of gilt nutrition on indicators of limb health“. Amy carried out a cross sectional study throughout Ireland in order to determine the prevalence of lameness and limb lesions in Irish pig farms and to identify the risk factors associated with limb lesions and lameness. She has also investigated the effect of feeding a diet specially formulated to the needs of developing gilts on lying behaviour, locomotory ability, claw lesions, limb lesions, post mortem joint lesions, bone mineral density and carcass characteristics.
  • Since 2013 she has been employed by Teagasc as a Pig Development Officer. She is tasked with providing a advisory, knowledge transfer and education service for Irish pig producers in order to enhance the sustainability of Irish pig meat production.



Updated CV 10-Jun-2015