Alberto Quiles

Alberto Quiles

University of Murcia. Spain

- B.A. in veterinary sciences (specializing in Animal Production and Economy) from the University of Leon in 1986.
- V.M.D. from the University of Murcia in 1989.
- Associate professor for the Department of Animal Production at the University of Murcia since 1991, where he forms part of the faculty, teaching Animal Production and Veterinary Hygiene for the veterinary sciences program.
- Professor of several doctorate courses in the Department of Animal Production. This has allowed him to direct six doctoral theses.
- Principal research associate at the E059-04 research group, Animal Production at the University of Murcia, developing research guidelines such as: The study of the lactation curve and the composition of milk in the caprine and equine species, The study of the morpho-structural and reproductive zootechnical characters in the equine species, and Ethological studies of animal welfare in the swine and caprine species.
- Author of 6 books: Goats Milk, Animal Production and veterinary Hygiene Vol. 1 and 2, Intensive Swine Production, Animal Welfare, Piglet breeding and Management, and Sow Management and Diet.
- Author of 150 research papers, some of which have been published in prestigious international magazines such as Animal Science, Small Ruminant Research, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, Journal Equine Veterinary Science, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, etc. Part of his research was recognized in 2001 with the Cristóbal de la Puerta Award for Research.
- Belongs to several scientific associations such as The International Goat Association, International Society for Applied Ethology, Sociedad Española de Etología, Sociedad Española de Zoo-Etnologos, and the American Society of Animal Science.
- Member of the editorial committee of several scientific and technical publications.
- Has assisted numerous congresses and scientific reunions both national and international, as well as delivered numerous conference communications and presentations.
- Has held academic and management positions at the University of Murcia such as, President of the Health Sciences Commission, Secretary of the Advisory Board of the Educational Veterinary Centre, and Director of the Veterinary Education Centre. He is currently the Director of the Department of Production.

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