Albert Finestra

Albert Finestra

Technical Support Consulting and Porcinews' Technical Director. Spain

He was born in Barcelona in 1969, and graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/Science at Bellaterra, UAB (Barcelona) in 1992, specialising in Animal Production. In October 1992 he started working in the pig sector at an integrator company (Leridana de Piensos) in Lleida. In 1996 he carried on with his profesional career at Vall Companys, working in different departments in the pig production area. During in 2002 and 2003 he worked for Mevet, a laboratory of veterinary drugs that pertains to the Vall Companys Group.

Since October 2003 he is an independent consultant for companies in the porcine sector and an adviser as Field Coordinator of the Aujeszky's Disease Eradication Programme for the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

In 2004 he founded Technical Support Consulting, S.L. together with Ramon Cos, his co-founding partner, and they offer different services to their clients, such as field trials for companies in the pharmaceutical and nutrition sectors, for public and private organisations in the research sector, as well as the control and diagnosis of diseases, the control of production and the management of farms, epidemiology, environmental control, optimisation of farms, biosecurity and optimisation of feeding. He also manages the comercialisation, in Spain, of Japanese probiotics and prebiotics, and UK and Swedish environmental technology.

Albert Finestra is a member of several professional associations (Official Association of Veterinarians of Lleida, where he is a member of the Board of Directors; of the Associations of Swine Veterinarians of Aragon and Catalonia, and of ANAPORC).

He has published articles in several specialised journals and has participated in several national and international conferences.

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E. coli strains isolated in the field in piglets of different ages from unvaccinated sows.

Diagnosis and treatment of colibacillosis in the farrowing unit

16-Aug-2016 (3 years 3 months 6 days ago)

Diarrhoea is their most typical clinical manifestation, and the earlier the onset, the more harmful it is. Newborn piglets can present with another clinical picture, with signs of sepsis (shock, depression, death, polyarthritis), which is associated with an extraintestinal E. coli.

Diagnosis and treatment of colibacillosis in the farrowing unit