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Use of the space in the farrowing pens

Improving piglets' comfort in the farrowing pens by offering them more surface for resting.

Thursday 24 December 2015 (3 years 1 months 27 days ago)

Remove the divider between two farrowing pens.



The Brunet farm, in Fabara (Zaragoza, Spain), suggests this trick to improve the piglets' comfort in the farrowing pens by offering them more surface for resting.

In the farrowing pens there is an increasing lack of space for the piglets. On the one hand, and in general, we are increasingly able to wean more and better piglets, and on the other hand, when designing the farrowing pens we are normally 'mean'.

Use of the space in the farrowing pens

In the farrowing pen it is very important to have an appropriate place for the piglets to rest. If the floor is metallic, as in this case, having this space is even more important.

Frequently, the nests are located in the front part of the farrowing pen, but it is increasingly more frequent to see them in the middle area, near the sow's udder. This increases the piglets' comfort greatly during their first days of life, because they feel safer near their dam's udder.

The size of the resting area normally becomes too small as the piglets grow.

In order to give them more space, an alternative is to remove the divider between two farrowing pens from the 4th or 5th day of life, so we can make the most of the space, especially on the heated plate area.

Use of the space in the farrowing pens

Other advantages of this system are that the piglets are weaned with more equal weights and that fights when mixing the piglets at weaning are avoided. The piglets have fought before.


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29-Dec-2015DeclanDeclanCan this not be a problem occasionally as piglets will favour one dam over another. I've heard of someone trying something similar but mixing more than two pens and when it came to serving post weaning they weren't coming on because certain sows weren't been milked hard enough and coming on heat in the farrowing house.
06-Jan-2016Fortunato eusebioFortunato eusebioNice suggestion better too organize ash erly as posible
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