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Training the sows with fruit juice for the intake of hormonal treatments

Apple juice is the favourite kind of juice for the sows during the training sessions.


The administration, orally, of apple juice to young sows housed in groups in order to achieve, subsequently, a correct intake of hormonal treatments for the synchronization of their coming into heat.

Apple  juice

Descripction of the trick

The dosing and the regularity of the treatment are key for the success of the hormonal treatments that have, as their goal, the synchronization of the coming into heat of the replacement gilts.

The administration of fruit juice to the sows some days before of the administration of the treatment allows us to have the sureness that they will ingest it correctly.

I learnt this trick from a very good entrepreneur and farmer from the region of El Bages (Barcelona, Spain). Using this system in a farm with 440 breeding sows, it ensures the mating of 4 gilts per week administering altrenogest. A week before applying the treatment, each gilt receives doses of apple juice directly in its mouth during several days. The acceptance of this system is very good and the step towards the correct intake of a dose of altrenogest is secure.

After trying with different kinds of fruit juices, apple juice was the favourite one for the sows and the most successful one.

The device for the administration of the product is based on a pistol conected to a small tank that is similar to that used to dose altrenogest. A similar example to this administration method was presented by Sous in the IPVS 2010.

Training the sows with fruit juice for the intake of hormonal treatments
Foto: Sous L. 2010. A new method for the oestrus synchronization of gilts in a group housing system. 21st IPVS Congress, Canada.


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