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Insemination with no hands

This trick consists in using a spring for holding the semen bag during the insemination.

Monday 8 June 2015 (4 years 6 months 3 days ago)
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Using springs for the sows' self-insemination.



This trick consists in using a spring for holding the semen bags so the worker's hands are free to stimulate the sow and to check the 'dubious' sows. The spring provides the right tension for the bag, lacks enough tensile strength to avoid a good hold of the catheter and, at the same time, keeps the bag in an optimal position for a correct self-insemination of the sow. On the other hand, the location of the bag at a certain height allows for the control of the insemination from a distance.

Insemination with springs

We must have a wire stretched lengthwise at a height of 120-150 cm over the rear of the crates in which inseminations are performed. The farms normally have this kind of wires because they use them to hang each sow's individual information cards.

Insemination with springs

We can use a thin wire because it will not have to bear great weights. The spring must have a small peg on each end to hold the different kinds of semen doses: bags or tubes. After inserting the catheter in the sow and attaching the container with the semen dose, we must hold the spring to the wire with one of the pegs and then hold the dose to the peg located on the other end of the spring. Once the self-insemination has ended, we will unhook the spring and use it for the next sows.

Insemination with springs


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09-Jun-2015GhenadieGhenadieGood point and video. The words that you used at the beginning of the article “hands are free to stimulate the sow” are very important ones. Some of the people tend to forget in this system that it is very important to stimulate sows with their hands, legs, or even equipment like Stimulus. We use Stimulus in one of our farms. The difference is 1-1,5% in Farrowing rate. I will say this is the difference between very good and low/no stimulation during insemination. The smell of the boar in front is not enough.
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