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How to arrange pan feeders in the farrowing room

An easy solution to store these feeders is to hang them in the corridor of their room. In this way, they do not stand in the way and they can dry well before being used again.

Monday 8 August 2016 (2 years 4 months 9 days ago)


Finding a place for the creep feeders in the farrowing rooms when they are not being used.



This trick is useful for storing the piglet feeders when the farrowing room is emptied for cleaning and disinfecting it. We know that a good cleaning of the farrowing room also includes its accessories: lamp protectors and feeders. A total emptying of the room after the exit of the piglets is not always carried out. In many cases, the lamp protectors and the pan feeders are not always taken out of the room, and the reason is that it is not always easy to find an appropriate place to store them during the cleaning of the room. Placing them in the corridor can entail and obstacle for the movements of the animals, the staff or the trolley for carrying the feed or the treatments, and it is also a task that requires a lot of time. So, in most of the cases, there is not an all-in-all-out of the movable equipment, and the pan feeders are cleaned inside of the farrowing pen, which surely is far from ideal.


Incorrectly stored pan feeders

Photo 1: Pan feeders incorrectly stored.

An easy solution to store these feeders entails hanging them in the corridor of their farrowing room. In this way, they are not in the way and they can dry well before using them again.

Group of pan feeders hanging from a chain

Photo 2: a) Group of piglet feeders hanged with a chain. b) Chain. c) Detail of the fastening of the pan feeders.

We will use a simple metallic chain whose links are long enough so we can introduce the hook of the pan feeders. This kind of feeders are fastened to the slats with a small metallic hook that we will use to hang them to the chain secured to the ceiling or to a pipe. We can also use a main chain from which several secondary chains with a “S” hook at their end can be hanged, as in the photograph. We must bear in mind that the plastic piglet feeders are very light. Their hanging and unhangig is performed very quickly.

We have no more excuses for not carrying out a complete emptying of the farrowing rooms!


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09-Aug-2016GhenadieGhenadieGood idea.
Just wanted to comment on these feeders. It is the worst possible design with high lost of feed. Most of the prestarter you will find in the slurry pit. Small amount per one feeding does not help too much.
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