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Early piglet weaning in their own farrowing pen

Build a fence to keep the weaned piglets in a farrowing pen.

This trick expects to find an accommodation for the early weaned piglets leaving them in their farrowing pen. We must sometimes wean a litter before its due time because of different reasons: the death of the sow, making foster sows, weaning of the sow to reach the mating/insemination goal, etc. These piglets will have to leave the building together with their batch mates, and the easiest solution is to leave them in the pen where they were born.

When the piglets get past the average age of 24 days they normally weight more than 7 kg, and the problem is that, when they hear the call of other sows, they try to jump to the adjacent pen to feed from their neighbour's dams.

Obviously, it is not an ideal situation. To solve this problem we can build a 'fence' that will be attached provisionally to the farrowing crate so the piglets do not jump out of their pen.

We will need an iron frame (unused farrowing crates fences or any other kind of metallic frame) that we will wrap in metallic net, to make it lighter, fastening it with cable ties and... we now have the piglets enclosed!


Frame wrapped in metallic net fastened with cable ties
Photo 1: Frame wrapped in metallic net fastened with cable ties.

Farrowing crate with the fence and the early weaned piglets

Photo 2: The fence placed in a farrowing pen.

Farrowing crate with the fence and the early weaned piglets

Photo 3: Now the piglets cannot jump out of the pen.


Oedema Disease case study10-Apr-2015 3 years 2 months 11 days ago

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GhenadiePig producer10-May-2015 (3 years 1 months 11 days ago)

If some piglets stay after weaning in a farrowing room with a temperature around 20-22C, it is good to put a heating lamp for these piglets, to create a local microclimate in the pen. I have not notice it in the video. The piglets after weaning need a temperature of 28-30C depends of their weight.


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