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Mussel meal as a protein source for growing pigs

Mussel meal can be used as protein sources in pig diets maintaining performance and meat quality.

Wednesday 24 December 2014 (4 years 2 months 25 days ago)

Mussel meal has potential as an alternative protein source for pig since it has high protein content and a balanced amino acid pattern. Mussels are good filters of water and an effective tool to clean waters from nitrogen and phosphorus. Using mussel meal as feedstuff in animal production could close the agro-aqua nutrient cycle, bringing nutrients back from the water to the agro-ecosystem. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of inclusion of mussel meal in diets for two genotypes of growing/finishing pigs on performance and carcass quality. Sixty-four growing/finishing pigs (32 Yorkshire x Hampshire, 32 Yorkshire x Duroc) was fed either a commercial diet with conventional protein ingredients (C) or a diet containing 5% inclusion of dry mussel meal (M). Nutrient composition was equal in the two diets and both diets were given to the two genotypes. This mussel meal was produced from mussel meal only, i.e. no shells were included. Performance and carcass quality was analyzed with procedure MIXED in SAS.

The results are in line with the hypothesis the pigs will perform with maintained high performance and carcass quality when mussel meal replaces conventional protein feed (Daily weight gain: 956 vs. 948 g/day, Feed conversion: 27.1 vs. 27.9 MJ NE/kg, Lean meat content: 58.8 vs. 58.2%, Dressing percentage: 78.1 vs. 78.6% and Daily lean meat growth: 457 vs. 451 g/day in the M and C treatments, respectively, P>0.05 for all traits). Genotype (Hampshire or Duroc Boar) had no influence on performance (P>0.05 for all traits). The daily gain was relatively high in this study, on average 952 g/day from 37 kg live weight to slaughter (107kg), and we conclude that mussel meal can substitute conventional protein sources in growing/finishing pig diets with maintained production results.

Wallenbeck, A., Neil, M., Lundeheim, N. and Andersson, K.H. 2014. Mussel meal in diets to growing/finishing pigs: influence on performance and carcass quality. Book of Abstracts of the 65th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science, Copenhagen, pp 249. (Abstract).

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