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The European Commission opens a section on its website to monitor the impact of the Russian ban

The European Commission has opened a new section on its website to inform about relevant news on the EU measures resulting from the Russian import ban.

Tuesday 26 August 2014 (4 years 6 months 25 days ago)

This section will inform about relevant news on the EU measures resulting from the Russian import ban. Updated market data will also be given. A further section will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

The section may be accessed here.

The pig meat exported by the EU to Russia in 2013 that is now banned represents € 969M (the most affected members are DE: €239.7M; DK: €199.4M, and PL: €99.1M). In 2013 the EU exported 747,233 Tm of pig products to Russia (24.1 % of its production) and in 2014 it has been reduced to 53,983 Tm, (4.0% of its production) (from January to June). This represents a decrease by 85%.

Table1: EU28 trade 2009-2013 with the Russian Federation

EU-28 Exports (€1,000)
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 average 2011-13 % share of all Agri (2013)
Pork (fresh, chilled or frozen), w/o preparations 464.857 610.764 774.465 774.244 968.574 839.094 8.2%

Figure 1: EU exports of pig meat and sausages (3,099,894 T product weight) in 2013

EU pork exports

With the current ban, the global picture of the countries that export pork to Russia will change dramatically. Some of the main pork producing countries that now have exclusive access to the Russian market are Brazil and Chile. In 2013 Brazil's exports to Russia represented 26 % of all the Brazilian exports, and Chile's exports to Russia were 14 % of all of Chile's exports.

Figure 2: Pork supply in Russia (2013)

Pork supply in Russia (2013)

August, 2014/ EC/ European Union.

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