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Russia: the 20 main companies in the pig sector produce almost half of the pork

The National Association of Pig Producers of Russia has published the list of the main pork producers in Russia in 2016. Like in 2015, the first three places were held by the companies Miratorg, Rusagro and Cherkizovo.

Monday 20 March 2017 (3 months 9 days ago)

The leader, with a wide margin, still was Miratorg, with 11.5% of the total industrial pork production in Russia. Last year, Miratorg increased its production by 6%, reaching 409,000 tonnes (live weight). The second place was held by Rusagro, with 190,000 tonnes and an increase by 1% with respect to 2015, representing 5.3% of the total industrial pork production in Russia. Behind, and with an increase by 9%, reaching 184,800 tonnes, was Cherkizovo.

A total of 20 companies produce, as a whole, more than 60% of the industrial pork production, or 48% of the total pork production of Russia.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, in 206 Russia produced 4.35 million tonnes of pork, with an increase by 9% with respect to 2015, whilst the number of pigs rose by 2.5%, reaching 22.03 million. At the same time, in the last 4 years, the production structure has changed, going from 62% of the production by companies and 36% by small farms in 2012 to 89.1% of the pig production by companies versus 18% on small farms.

The Government estimates that in 2020, the pig production by big companies will reach 86% of the total production, whilst the share of the small producers will drop to 13%, whilst it is expected that pork production will reach 4.95 million tonnes and the pig population will rise to 24.46 million animals.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017/ Agroinvestor/ Russia.

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