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Panama establishes a stricter control for pork imports

This measure puts an end to the proration mechanism for pork imports.

Friday 21 April 2017 (1 months 6 days ago)

As of January 1st 2018, the implementation of the modification of Resolution no. 246 of October 22nd 2012 of the National Customs Authority that adopts measures for the control of tariff quotas under the mechanism called “First arrived/First served” will be initiated for the products included in the current commercial agreements signed by Panama.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Augusto Arosemena, highlighted that this measure puts an end to the proration mechanism for the import of pork that was being applied at the expense of the national producers, and its replacement establishes the allocation of the volume of the contingent based on the chronological order with which the applications are received.

Mr. Carlos Pittí, president of the National Pig Producers' Association /Anapor), held that for year 2018, when the modifications of the Resolution are to be implemented, the import of 2,697 tonnes of pork have been negotiated in the Commercial Promotion Treaty with the USA. The importers that stay out of the tariff quotas will have to pay a tariff of 65%.

Monday, 17 April 2017/ ANP/ Panama.

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