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The Spanish livestock breeding equipment industry strengthens its position at EuroTier 2012

38 Spanish companies take part in EuroTier 2012 coordinated by AGRAGEX and with the support of ICEX (Spanish Foreign Trade Institute).

AgrarexEuroTier will hold this year a Spanish delegation of 38 companies involved in the Livestock Equipment sector. The delegation is coordinated by AGRAGEX and has the support of ICEX.

The technological innovations of the Spanish agroindustry sector will be one of the main news that will be released in EuroTier 2012.

Within the Spanish agricultural sectors, the leader is the livestockbreeding equipment. The Spanish laboratories of veterinarian products are one of the leading exporters worldwide thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies in production. Most of these laboratories work under FAMIqs and GMP manufacturing regulations, established by the WHO (World Health Organization) that are closely followed by the EMEA (European Drug Agency for public and animal health).

According to the Spanish Manufacturers-Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery, Components, Irrigation Systems, Greenhouses, Crop Protection, Livestock and Post-Harvesting Equipment (AGRAGEX) the Exhibition is the best framework to promote the exports worldwide. EuroTier 2012 brings together the main agents of the sector and becomes the best forum to find new business opportunities.

The 38 Spanish companies will show in EuroTier 2012 their state of the art equipments which have turned them into a world reference due to their quality and specialization in animal husbandry: NUAL S.A, AGRIC BEMVIG S.A, PRODUMIX S.A., Laboratorios MAYMO S.A., BBZix, Cauchos KAREY S.A., Industrias BERANGO S.L. "ESNEDER", INTERQUIM S.A. (FERRER HEALTHTECH), NOREL Animal Nutrition, ZAR Solares S.L., KROMSCHROEDER S.A., MAGAPOR S.L., ELMEGA S.L., Andrés PINTALUBA S.A., Investigaciones Técnicas Veterinarias S.L. (INTEC) Industrial Técnica Pecuaria S.A. (ITPSA), Técnicas e Innovaciones Ganaderas S.A. (TIGSA), EXAFAN S.A., FM-Estudio Agropecuarios S.L., ROTECNA S.A., INGASO Farm S.L.U, SILOS Cordoba S.L., Sistemas FERNANZ S.L., Lípidos Toledo S.A. (LIPTOSA), ARUAS, KUBUS S.A., TRISAL S.A., Leches Maternizadas S.A. (LEMASA), SEMEN CARDONA, NOVATION 2002 S.L., INVESA-Industrial Veterinaria S.A., ROSAL Instalaciones Agroindustriales S.A., Ingeniería y Montajes Monzón S.L.–TATOMA, TENÍAS S.A., SYMAGA, Cauchos del Mediterráneo (COWMED) S.A., IMPORT-VET, ZUCAMI.

November 13, 2012 - AGRAGEX and ICEX

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