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The "Espace for the Future"

space 2019
space 2019

Act now for the climate! At a time when world experts are calling on the agricultural sector to address this issue, SPACE and the elected representatives of the Chambers of Agriculture decided to make climate change the theme of the Espace for the Future in 2019.

Sunday 14 July 2019 (4 months 28 days ago)

Farmers have already been using climate-friendly techniques and practices on their farms for many years.

This includes reducing inputs, seeking feed self-sufficiency, genetic performance, field planning, biodiversity and crop diversification, all of which constitute real economic levers for farms. Experts and farmers will be present at the Espace for the Future to share their experiences and the results of their latest initiatives.

To illustrate how committed the profession is to combating climate change, we asked the research firm ADQUATION to conduct a survey on this subject amongst a sample of cattle farmers. The study surveyed 302 French farmers with at least 60 cattle (111 in the West, 72 in the Southwest, 69 in the Northeast and 50 in the Southeast). The main conclusions indicate that 87% of them are concerned by climate issues, including a third who say they are "very concerned". Younger farmers are particularly involved in climate-friendly processes.

The main actions taken to limit the impact of their activity on the climate are:

  • Improving feed efficiency: 71%
  • Reducing fuel consumption related to travel and field work: 63%
  • Soil carbon storage (more pastures, planting trees, etc.): 52%
  • Reducing electrical energy consumption in livestock buildings (LED lighting, energy efficient ventilation, etc.): 46%. The figure is 60% for those under 40 years of age.
  • Reducing fossil energy consumption (gas, fuel oil) in buildings: 42%
  • Producing renewable energy: 21 %

Of all interviewees, 89% have implemented at least one of these actions.

During the four-day event, the Espace for the Future in Hall 4 will feature demonstrations and presentations on the existing and future practices for climate protection. The Espace for the Future will once again be a source of ideas and solutions driven by the innovations presented by our exhibiting companies.

July 2019 - SPACE

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