ProPhorce® AC 299: New acidifier that improves dEB

Perstorp introduces ProPhorce® AC 299: a new highly cost-effective acidifier that improves the dietary Electrolyte Balance in addition to the benefits of acidifying feed.
Tuesday 27 April 2010 (8 years 8 months 26 days ago)
ProPhorce® AC 299 is a dry, non-corrosive acidifier. It improves daily live weight gain, feed conversion and it inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.

The main benefit of ProPhorce® AC 299, in addition to the benefits gained by applying an acidifier, is the ability to optimize the dietary electrolyte balance (dEB). In growing animals - such as swine and broilers - optimizing the dietary electrolyte balance enhances animal performance. A positive electrolyte balance has scientifically shown to enhance the growth rate of farm animals.

ProPhorce® AC 299 has consistently shown to enhance animal performance in piglet growth experiments (see graph below).

Feed intake, weight gain and FCR 1-4 weeks after weaning. ProPhorce® AC 299 enhances weight gain and improves the feed conversion ratio significantly. Bars with different superscript (a,b) differ significantly (P<0.05).

ProPhorce® AC 299 combines the advantages of an acidifier with the ability to manage the electrolyte balance and the antibacterial properties of the formic acid anion. Including ProPhorce® AC 299 in the feed can give a significant reduction of the variable feed cost accompanied with an improved animal performance.

Product highlights
  • Improves dietary electrolyte balance (dEB)
  • Improves daily live weight gain and feed conversion
  • Reduces leg problems in growing animals
  • Inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Dry and non-corrosive, can be used in premixes


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06-Mar-2016Re OrcineRe OrcineGive me more info about AC 299
14-Mar-2016geert wielsmageert wielsmaI am happy to help with all your questions. Just drop me a mail. geert.wielsma@perstorp.com
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