New phytogenic feed additive to address post-weaning challenges

Delacon launches Fresta® Protect for piglets.

Thursday 15 November 2018 (8 months 9 days ago)

Delacon adds Fresta® Protect to its’ phytogenic feed additives portfolio for swine. Fresta® Protect, comprised of essential oils, flavonoids, and mucilages, supports piglet feed intake during periods of stress such as weaning, change in environment, or when switching to a solid grain-based feedstuff.

Protection by the power of nature

“The target of developing Fresta® Protect was to provide additional protection for the piglet, to maintain intake and performance, and ultimately to minimize the need for interventions at the farm level,” says Dr. Tobias Steiner, Head of Strategic Marketing. This phytogenic feed additive was formulated to increase palatability of the diet, thus stimulating feed intake in the critical post-weaning phase.” A depression in feed intake after weaning is considered a major factor contributing to reduced intestinal integrity, hence facilitating the development of issues such as PWD.

“With Fresta Protect, we successfully developed a product that meets clear customer demands for a phytogenic feed additive that stabilizes performance through stimulating feed intake post-weaning. During the development process we have used our newest insights on the modes of action of phytogenic actives”, says Jan Dirk van der Klis, director of Product Development and Innovation.

Research and formulation

In-depth in vitro tests and in vivo feeding trials were used to screen numerous phytogenic compounds and combinations during the development of Fresta® Protect.

Fresta® Protect has been formulated to be heat stable under normal feed processing conditions. Delacon’s micro-encapsulation technology protects the heat-sensitive ingredients during these processes. The product is used in the post-weaning phase with an inclusion of 1 kg per ton feed.

November 14, 2018 – Delacon

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