DuPont extends fastest-acting phytase product line in Europe

Fastest-acting phytase activates earlier in the animal’s digestive tract, improving profitability and performance while reducing waste and improving environmental footprint.

Thursday 22 June 2017 (1 years 7 months ago)

DuPontToday DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) announced the launch of DuPont™ Axtra® PHY 20000 TPT and Axtra® PHY 25000 G in Europe. With these additions, the fastest-acting phytase enzyme on the market is now available in every desired format to all European animal producers.

“We are excited to extend the product line of our award-winning phytase in the EU. Axtra® PHY has been helping animal producers throughout the world lower their production costs and reduce their environmental footprint. This launch gives European animal producers the convenience they need in today’s competitive environment, while also reducing their environmental footprint,” said Aart Mateboer, global industry leader for DuPont Danisco Animal Nutrition.

Axtra® PHY is proven to be the fastest-acting and most efficacious phytase available on the market today. DuPont’s phytase begins acting earlier in the digestive tract, rapidly destroying phytate and its anti-nutrient effects, enabling more complete nutrient uptake in the animal. By lowering the impact of phytate, Axtra® PHY enables the release and digestion of the beneficial nutrients naturally present in the feed, meaning the animal producer can significantly lower their feed cost.

“We have broiler trials that demonstrate Axtra® PHY at 1000 FTU (1) can breakdown more than 90 percent of dietary phytate and decrease feed conversion ratio by up to 10 percent,” said Raj Kappali, regional industry leader, EMEA, DuPont Industrial Biosciences. “For swine, we have seen a body weight gain of up to 20 percent in piglets and phosphorus excretion reduction by an astounding 62 percent,” he continued.

“We believe in optimized dosing that is species, application and diet specific as more is not always better. By continuously investing in research and animal trials, we have generated the necessary knowledge to support a more customized recommendation on the application of Axtra® PHY, keeping producers from wasting money on overusing phytase which will not do anything extra for the poultry or swine. For nutritionists, this means they can add the right dose of phytase for their specific circumstances, to drive performance while maximizing their return on investment,” Aart Mateboer said.

June 20, 2017 - DuPont

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