DLG and CAAA affirm cooperation, join hands for new bioenergy expo in China

China's Agricultural Vice Minister Niu Dun meets with DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer
Tuesday 23 March 2010 (8 years 9 months 26 days ago)
EuroTier organizer DLG on 16 March signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) for a landmark project that will enhance German-Chinese cooperation in China’s growing bioenergy market.

Unveiling its newest area of cooperation, DLG and CAAA inked a deal which would further developments in China’s bioenergy sector. Signed in the presence of the Chinese agricultural media during a March 16 press conference, the MOU puts into place a partnership that will see both DLG and CAAA jointly organizing a new exhibition, Bio-Energy Expo, to be held alongside CAAA’s China Animal Husbandry & Feed Industry Expo (CAHE) in Beijing 16-18 May 2010.

“I am delighted that partnership and cooperation between DLG and CAAA is developing very well, towards a strategic long-term orientation. I would like to thank CAAA not only for the excellent cooperation, but also for their in-depth knowledge and expertise, and the opportunity for information exchange among the Chinese and European agricultural community,” said Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, DLG President.

China has placed bioenergy development among its top government priorities. A law on renewable energy was implemented in January 2006, with the focus on producing electricity using surplus agricultural products, estimated at 200 million tonnes yearly. “As China looks to tap on bioenergy to meet the needs of its growing economy, this partnership with DLG could not come at a more opportune time. Bioenergy has been singled out as a definite growth sector for China in the coming years, and we strongly believe that our Germans partners are well positioned to join with us to develop and grow one of the world’s largest emerging bioenergy markets,” says Zhang Baowen, President of the CAAA.

More about Bio-Energy Expo and China’s bioenergy market.

Agricultural Vice Minister Niu Dun meets with DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer

On a visit to China last week DLG president Carl-Albrecht Bartmer and China’s agricultural vice minister Niu Dun discussed progress on the ongoing Ganhe Farm project, located in North-eastern China. A total of 2.5 million Euros have been invested in this joint German-Chinese agricultural project, which is a practical demonstration of how German farming methods and technologies can be successfully applied to raise productivity and standards on a Chinese farm.

Pointing to DLG’s wealth of experience and expertise in furthering agricultural progress, Niu affirmed that German-Chinese agricultural exchange and cooperation could be strengthened and proposed several areas for greater cooperation with the DLG. Singling out the demo farm project, for which DLG is playing a lead coordinating role, Niu said that such projects could expedite efforts in agricultural cooperation between both sides. Greater emphasis on human resources training and knowledge transfer, in addition to enhancing the scope of cooperation in mechanization and the application of modern technology in agriculture, would also raise the standards of agricultural technology in China. He proposed that DLG, with its expertise in the area of transferring know-how related to agricultural technology, support these activities.

Bartmer agreed to the proposals and affirmed that DLG, as an international organization fully committed to global research in agriculture and technology, would continue to work with China in the area of agricultural cooperation and responding to new challenges. In particular, DLG plans to lend its support in areas of training, agriculture and machinery testing, and at the practical level introduce the spirit of German farmers as well as facilitate agricultural exchange among German-Chinese agricultural academic institutions.

Agricultural Vice Minister Niu Dun expressed his plans to visit DLG’s Headquarters in Frankfurt on a future visit to Germany.


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