Asserva: new innovate solutions that we will introduce during EUROTIER

Sowmeal Control: designed in order to improve the sow management in servicing units, Autocare: a moving trolley that automatically vaccinates piglets, and Smart’care: a care trolley for nursed piglets.

Friday 9 November 2018 (1 years 4 days ago)
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Sowmeal Control
The measuring system «SMC» is designed in order to improve the sow management in servicing units. With its smart and connected sensor, the measuring system is able to individually track the sow intakes during ovulation. The Sowmeal Control enables the farmer to set the maximum daily intakes depending on each sow, which thanks to an improved feeding, will eat according to its own pace. In order to avoid the feed bending effect (bridging), we designed the SMC with a unique internal unbending system (anti-bridging) and a possibility to distribute 2 types of feed.

Directly connected to a Smartphone thanks to a complete and user-friendly app, the users’ data or consumption records can be modified and read remotely.

  • Optimized sow intakes
  • Fertility improvements
  • 50% less expensive than current systems
  • Individual communication without centralization

The Autocare concept is a moving trolley that automatically vaccinates piglets. The piglet is guided towards a conveyor belt. This belt is run thanks to laser sensors that precisely place the piglet where the intra-cutaneous syringe is. The syringe moves thanks to an automatic arm which is able to perfectly place itself on the piglet’s back to inoculate the vaccine.

  • The piglet is calmer
  • The farmer doesn’t have to handle piglets anymore
  • Provided with a RFID antenna
  • Weighing system (optional)
  • Vaccine and animal weight traceability
  • Automatic data record

The Smart’care is a care trolley for nursed piglets. This innovative trolley offers a motorized system that can pick up and put down the piglets to avoid the farmer doing so. The Smart’care is also made up of an identified weighing. After taking care of the piglets, the farmer puts down the piglet in a crate which has a RFID antenna (optional if the piglet has a chip) that records the individual weight. The system can also send warning signals if a piglet has not received its treatment. The farmer has a precise knowledge of weaning weights and/or at 21 days and can define the sows milking level.

The Smart’care also has an innovative design; its development is the result of the combination of pig selection organizations and IFIP/ASSERVA engineering.

November 7, 2018 - Asserva

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