Mercedes Cortés

Mercedes Cortés
2vassilis-g-papaF Gonzalez

Nutrición Especial, S.A.. Spain

Agronomy Engineer graduated at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2002 and Agronomy Technical Engineer graduated at the Universidad de Extremadura in 1995

Advanced studies diploma of doctorate course 2003-2005

I am currently working as Director of Production in Nutrición Especial, SL, a company specializing in the production and commercialization of vitamin-mineral premixes and special feed for swine livestock. I have been in this company for five years developing all activities involved in the formulation of swine feeds: production, quality control, purchase of prime matter and coordination of the entire plant.

Previously my profesional work has been mainly dedicated to the area of R+D+i, developing projects in animal feeding:

1993-1994: Research and technology development service for the Junta de Extremadura

2000-2004: Imasde Agropecuaria, S.L. (Madrid)

I have carried out various projects in swine nutrition developed on experimental farms and I have taken part in different projects, contributing in scientific articles and courses.

Updated CV 16-Feb-2011