Laura Sánchez Martín

Laura Sánchez Martín

Polytechnic University of Madrid (PUM). Spain

She is a Ph.D. in Sciences from the PUM and Senior Lecturer at the PUM's Department of Food Chemistry and Technology, at the ETSIAAB (Agricultural Engineering, Food and Biosystems Higher Technical School). Her research work takes places between the PUM and the CUM (Complutense University of Madrid). She has participated actively in more than 25 projects, both public and private, and in 3 European projects (NEU). Her main research field is focused on the study of the main agronomic factors that affect the emission of greenhouse effect gases originating from the agricultural systems. Almost all the articles she has published are in the first quartile of high-impact journals in the sector, with Global Change Biology standing out. She currently works closely with companies in the sector such as EuroChem Agro S.L., where they carry out trials almost continuously to assess newly synthesised agrochemical products such as nitrification inhibitors, whose technological interest in the agricultural-livestock sector is growing. She concurrently participates in the organization and dissemination of conferences regarding climate change.

Updated CV 25-Jun-2019