Juan C. Hernández García

Juan C.  Hernández García

University of Cambridge. United Kingdom

Juan obtained his degree in Veterinary Science/Medicine from the University of Saragossa. He went on with his training as a swine veterinarian working on sow farms and studying an MSc degree in Pig Health and Production (University of Lleida), and another Msc degree in Animal Nutrition (CIHEAM, Saragossa). Later on he worked in swine R+D and consultancy companies such as AgroTest-Control (Saragossa) and PigCHAMP Pro Europa (Segovia), in different projects linked to health and nutrition, and carrying out technical consultancy and veterinary services tasks on farms.

In October 2012 he moved to Brittany (France) to participate in a reserch project at the INRA at St-Gilles on the interactions between the inflammatory reations and the environment on the nutritional metabolism of pigs.

Soon after ending this project, Juan obtained a grant awarded by Zoetis to join, in December 2013, the residency programme of the European College of Porcine Health Management under the supervision of Dan Tucker at the University of Cambridge, in UK.

Since then he has been carrying out several tasks on the field and the laboratory, and participates in different projects linked to Streptococcus suis, Haemphilus parasuis and the diagnosis of viral and bacterial respiratory diseases in the oral fluids. He also collaborates in the training of students and in several Pig Nutrition and Production Msc degrees.

Updated CV 08-Feb-2016