John O'Doherty

John  O'Doherty
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School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine. College of Life Sciences, University College Dublin. Ireland

1982-1987 : B.AgrSc - University College Dublin - Agricultural Science
1987-1989 : M.AgrSc - University College Dublin - Animal Science
1991-1994 : PhD - University College Dublin - Animal Nutrition
1994-1997 : Assistant Lecturer - Dep of Animal Science and Production, UCD
1997- 2002 : College lecturer - Dep of Animal Science and Production, UCD
2002 - 2006 : Senior Lecturer - Dep of Animal Science and Production, UCD
Presently : Associate Professor of Animal Nutrition -School of Agric, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, UCD

Research Interests:

Improving gut health of the pig by diet
My research programme examines how the various types of non digestible oligosaccharides (NDOs) and lactose sources can influence the microbial population of the gastro-intestinal tract of pigs, as well as piglet growth; nutrient digestibility, utilisation, and excretion; structure and function of the gut; and enteric diseases such as pathogenic E. coli and beneficial lactobacilli and the immune system. It also examines some the interactions between NDOs, enzymes and bacterial cultures on gastro-intestinal health on all of the above. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of action of prebiotics in the gut and the immune system are also been investigated as part of a collaboration programme.

Reducing environmental impact of pig production
My research focuses on nutritional strategies to reduce odour, ammonia emissions and the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus in manure. This is done through diet manipulation of crude protein and amino acid profiles, use of complex oligosaccharides (glucans and fucans), use of enzymes (phytase and non starch polysaccharides enzymes), probiotics and different carbohydrate sources. Twitter

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