Gilbert M. Weber

Gilbert M. Weber
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Animal Nutrition and Health Consultant. Switzerland

Dr. Gilbert M. Weber graduated in biology from the University of Zurich in Switzerland with a PhD in developmental physiology. He started his scientific career in the company Roche Vitamins, which later became DSM Nutritional Products, with research on poultry parasitology and was leading projects related to chemotherapy against chicken coccidiosis as well as to incidence and pathology of this economically important disease. Subsequently he moved into the broader field of animal science of all livestock species with special emphasis on vitamins, carotenoids and enzymes aiming at improving the production of animal-derived protein through optimized nutrition. In these research areas he has collaborated with first class universities and research institutes around the world. His main interests are the vitamins D3, E, B2 and biotin for improving health and welfare of farm animals, carotenoids for poultry pigmentation and more recently eubiotics for the modulation of the gut microflora in monogastric animals. He has authored or co-authored more than 60 publications, book chapters, conference contributions and patent applications. For many years he was responsible within DSM as Corporate Scientist Animal Biology for the quality of the scientific work and the development of new research competencies in the field of Animal Nutrition and Health. Since his retirement he works occasionally as a consultant.

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