Dra. Kristina Roesel

Dra. Kristina Roesel
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ILRI. Kenya

Kristina holds a DVM and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), Germany. She joined the ILRI as a graduate fellow during the final synthesis activities of the BMZ/GIZ-funded, ILRI-led Safe Food, Fair Food project in 2011. From 2012 to 2016 she was both appointed as a research fellow by the FUB to complete her PhD on pig parasites in Uganda and as the coordinator of the second phase of the Safe Food, Fair Food project by the ILRI. Prior to her veterinary studies she volunteered in forest conservation in Malawi using participatory methods for tackling the human-elephant conflict. As a student she worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Parasitology and Tropical Veterinary Medicine at the FUB, supporting field work on emerging tropical vector-borne livestock diseases in Europe and parasitological surveys in West Africa. Her personal interests include research on the epidemiology of diseases at the livestock, wildlife and human health interface, parasitology, working with students, and the North-South and South-South technology and knowledge transfer.

Updated CV 30-Apr-2018