Diego Padoan

Diego Padoan
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Biomin. Italy

My studies:

  • In 1981 I finished my studies at the Univ. of Parma, graduated in Veterinarian Medicine.
  • The same year I passed national qualification exams to be allowed to practice.

Job experiences:

  • From January 1982 to August 2002 Veronesi Group (brand names AIA, Montorsi, Negroni)
  • 1982 – 1984 Veronesi Padova S.p.A. (feedstuff); technical and health area responsible, quality control. I had the management of the fattening units linked to the firm in the Veneto region. I began to be involved on the subject of quality at slaughter house. I had to maintain the relationship with client slaughterhouses.
  • 1985 – 1989 I.M.A.S. and then Montorsi S.p.A. (slaughterhouse - Veronesi Group); live pigs purchase and transport, liquidation of purveyors, slaughtering program, quality control with respect to welfare of animals and process hygene according to Eu and USA regulation , relationship with local authorities, technical assistance to sales.
  • 1990 – 2002 Tre Valli S.p.A., (pig breeding - Veronesi Group, brand name Montorsi/Negroni). Quality assurance of live pigs: I was responsible for quality of pigs, from genetics, through feeding, housing, welfare, to slaughterhouse and further if relevant to. Chain inspector: responsible for certification of live animals management, from GGPs to fattening. Start, validation and management of Isowean system (isolated early weaning). Health area manager.
  • 2002 September 2004 June– Dumeco Breeding Italia s.r.l., subsidiary of Dumeco b.v. (NL). General Manager. Production and sale of genetically high and good healthy animals of a famous Dutch line. Management of sow farms, responsibility of sales net, direction of marketing; health supervisor in the owned and linked farms. Administrative and finance control of the firm.  
  • 2004 October 2005 December, Managing-health-sales manager S. Gervasio farm nearby Cremona, 4000 high health sow unit. Best selling of final product, piglet of 30 Kg, through genetic standardization, management and feeding. Completing of production cycle till finishing, definition and certification of process. Commercialization trough most qualified and confident routes to make the most of the product on sale.
  • January 2006 January 2008, consultant technical-managing-health-sales.
  • February 2008 Biomin GmbH (Austria) Senior Swine Technical Manager. Internal advisor for swine technical (research, trials, marketing, product development) and sales issues, external advisor for customers.

My hobbies:

My favorite hobbies are ski and sail; I am fond of mountain walking; I like very much traveling. I read with pleasure novels and essays.

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