Cinta Sol Llop

Cinta Sol Llop
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Norel Animal Nutrition. Spain

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine/Science from the University of Murcia in 2008, she carried on with her studies at the University of Lleida, graduating in Food Science and Technology in 2010 and obtaining, also in 2010, her MSc degree in Pig Health and Production. She joined the Animal Nutrition and Welfare Service (SNiBA) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she wrote her thesis on the use of agricultural by-products in the liquid feeding of fattening pigs, obtaining, in 2016, her Ph.D. in Animal Production. In parallel, by the end of 2015, she joined the Technical Department of Norel, S.A., where she is currently still developing her professional career as Product Manager of the line of physiological promoters and technological additives.

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