Cándido Pomar

1Guillermo Usero

Dairy and Swine Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Canada

Areas of Expertise

  • pig feeding and herd management: digestion and metabolic use of proteins and minerals
  • mathematical modelling: digestion and body growth in feeder pigs
  • feed formulation
  • body composition, carcass conformation and classification systems


Current Projects

  • Reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus waste and maximization of gross revenues from feeder pig production using a new numeric method
  • Yield comparisons
  • Phosphore-CRF, Minimizing the phosphorous excretion of growing-finishing pigs by optimizing phosphorus intake from environmental, economical and animal perspectives.
  • Optimization of diets and management of slaughter pig production systems
  • Development of a combined premix formulation method to be used in multiphase feeding systems for growing pigs
  • Estimation of the cutability and lean content of pig carcasses.
  • Development of a method for objective slaughter line evaluation of muscle content in cull cow carcasses to be used in establishing a carcass classification and producer payment system.



  • Associate Professor, Department of Animal Science, Université Laval
  • Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Sherbrooke
  • Member, Canadian Society of Animal Science (Canadian Journal of Animal Science)
  • Member, American Society of Animal Science
  • Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Animal Science

Updated CV 10-Oct-2014