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Notes on door windows

Write down events or treatments on the windows as if they were a blackboard.

Tuesday 21 April 2015 (3 years 7 months 24 days ago)


Write down events or treatments on the windows (as if they were a blackborad) of the doors that afford us access to the building using a permanent marker. This idea is Ivalin Todorov Dimitrov's.



Notes on the swine farm door windowsOn big farms with a high number of farrowing rooms it is easy to start the treatment of a sow or a whole litter and not to continue it because the following day nobody has noticed it or has not remembered the initiated treatment.

In order not to be faced with this situation, a possible solution is to write down on the door window which sow is being treated and which is the treatment being administered in that room. For instance, on August 10th, it was detected that the second sow on the right suffered mastitis, and it received a treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotic and oxytocin that was repeated on August 11th and 12th.

Another use of this system is for controlling the entrance and exit of animals from a nursery building. The different entrances of batches in a nursery building until it is filled, the losses and the movements of animals to the fattening quarters can be recorded. Knowing exactly how many animals we have in each building and the date of their entrance eases enormously the work of organizing the movements of animals to the fattening quarters or to choose where to house the next weaned animals.

The information is recorded without the problem of losing papers, as it can be seen as we arrive to the building.

Notes on the swine farm door windows


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