Question of the week - Week of 17-Apr-2012

In 2010 EU produced

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Random questions

05-Mar-2013 The prevalence of the toxigenic Pasteurella multocida 36% correct

08-Apr-2015 The best ante mortem samples to detect influenza are 33% correct

30-May-2019 A possible use of probiotics in sows is 19% correct

16-May-2019 Biofilm 34% correct

Difficult questions

12-Nov-2013 Toxigenic Pasteurella multocida 29% correct

25-Nov-2015 Historically, pork production in the US is 29% correct

17-Jan-2012 During stimulation with the 5 point pattern, sitting on the sow during IA: 28% correct

17-Apr-2012 In 2010 EU produced 28% correct