Week of 08-Dec-2017

There is an increase in subcutaneous haemorrhages and bruises in the skin of piglets from 7 days of age, after being born normal. Mortality was high after few days of developing the clinical signs. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?


Week of 10-Mar-2017

How is the texture of these organs?

Week of 03-Mar-2017

The turbinate lesion is due to:

Week of 24-Feb-2017

This pathology picture is more frequently found in:

Week of 17-Feb-2017

The most frequent localization of PDNS lesions is:

Week of 10-Feb-2017

What lesion can be seen?

Week of 03-Feb-2017

What lesion can be seen in the kidney?

Week of 27-Jan-2017

What is the most likely aetiological agent in this fibrinous pericarditis?

Week of 20-Jan-2017

What is the cause of this injury in the forelimb of a pig?

Week of 13-Jan-2017

What lesion can be seen?