Week of 28-Apr-2017

What caused the sudden death of this 8 week old weaner?




Sudden death ocurred in a 8 week old weaner pig. It was in good condition. Post-mortem examination revealed the stomach was in the thorax.

Diaphragmatic hernias in swine occur sporadically, often in a single animal. They are usually congenital or the result of traumatic accidents. Dyspnea is usually associated in the acute cases. The degree of dyspnea may vary from subclinical to incompatible with life, depending on the amount of herniated viscera. If the stomach is herniated, it may bloat and the animal may deteriorate rapidly, as in this case. In chronic cases, systemic signs such as weight loss may be more prominent than respiratory signs.

Week of 26-May-2017

In this confinement stall the slat level is below the passageway and the rear door is tight to the floor. Which of the following comments is true

Week of 19-May-2017

A dry white deposit is evident on the mucosal surface of the vulva of a sow served 25 days previously. What is it and what is its significance?

Week of 12-May-2017

There is an increase in pigs with a swollen mass behind the rear legs, below the anus. It is most frequently located on the side. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 13-Apr-2017

What does this person do?

Week of 07-Apr-2017

Mesenteric lymph nodes enlargement are more likely consistent with:

Week of 31-Mar-2017

Why the faeces must be removed during the pre-farrowing period?

Week of 24-Mar-2017

In which production phase is this finding more frequently observed?

Week of 17-Mar-2017

What is the aetiological cause of this lesion?

Week of 10-Mar-2017

How is the texture of these organs?