Week of 18-Oct-2019

Lesion found at slaughter in the kidney of a fattening pig. What is this pathology compatible with?


Week of 17-Jan-2020

This weaner pig has non-pruritic lesions on the skin. What is the cause of this lesion?

Week of 10-Jan-2020

This faeces are seen behind a sow after farrowing. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 03-Jan-2020

Some damage in the teats is found when inspecting the udder of this sow. What is this cause of it?

Week of 27-Dec-2019

A sow is seen with a firm mass in the mammary glands. What is this condition?

Week of 20-Dec-2019

What is the name of this lesion in the bladder?

Week of 13-Dec-2019

A finishing pig is found in the pen laying on one side and gasping for air, skin discoloration and muscle tremors. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

Week of 05-Dec-2019

Several growing and finishing pigs that vomit after eating and lose body condition gradually after few days are euthanised. The only gross post-mortem lesion is a megaoesophagus. What is cause of this lesion in these pigs?

Week of 29-Nov-2019

A lump is detected in the sternal area of a piglet when lifted for blood testing. What is this condition?

Week of 22-Nov-2019

In the post-mortem of a gilt, some nodules are found in the chest cavity. What are they?

Week of 15-Nov-2019

Ovaries obtained from a female fattening pig at the slaughterhouse. The ovary on the left side of the image is normal but the ovary on the right side and uterus have some abnormalities. What could be the cause?

Week of 07-Nov-2019

Which of the following lesions do you see pictured?

Week of 31-Oct-2019

We notice dark diarrhea in finishing hogs. What could cause this?

Week of 25-Oct-2019

During meat inspection at the slaughterhouse, two globular masses were found in the ovarian insertion. After cutting the mass, its internal structure was similar to that of normal testicles. What is the name of this developmental abnormality?

Week of 11-Oct-2019

Red areas of cranioventral consolidation (hepatization) were detected in this lung at the slaughterhouse, suggesting enzootic pneumonia. What is the main agent associated with this condition?

Week of 04-Oct-2019

Lung at the slaughterhouse with foam mixed with fluid. What is the most likely cause?

Week of 20-Sep-2019

This suppuration was observed in the spinal column during the post-mortem slaughterhouse inspection of a pig carcass. What is it?

Week of 13-Sep-2019

Pictured on the left is an uninjured tail from a finishing hog, and on the right side a tail that suffered tail biting. What is the most common cause of this problem?

Week of 30-Aug-2019

Does the presence of this type of lesion always imply a disease problem?

Week of 23-Aug-2019

In a pen of growing pigs that had stopped eating, this kind of feces are seen on the floor, what could be the cause?

Week of 16-Aug-2019

This pig has an anomaly on its foot. Do you know what it is?

Week of 09-Aug-2019

In the slaughterhouse inflammation of the parietal and visceral face of the pericardium was found in a finishing hog. What is the name of this lesion?

Week of 01-Aug-2019

Litters that are 3 days old show vomiting and diarrhea that lasts two or three days, what could be the cause?

Week of 26-Jul-2019

In a pen where fattening pigs stopped eating with loss of body condition, the perianal area is dirty. What can be the cause?

Week of 19-Jul-2019

What could be the cause of this lesion?

Week of 12-Jul-2019

What disease could cause those lesions?

Week of 05-Jul-2019

What is the most probable aetiology of this lesion?

Week of 27-Jun-2019

The origin of this lesion is?