Week of 15-Mar-2019

This picture is frequently seen at abattoirs. What lesion can we see in this kidney?



incorrect answer

Polycystic kidney found at an abattoir. The cause is most probably congenital. Kidney congenital cystic lesions are a consequence of a bad union between the nephrons and their collecting ducts, and are normally abattoir findings. Urine is left without excretion routes, it builds up in the ducts and stretches them. The renal cortex is deformed because of the presence of multiple cysts that give it a spongy appearance. This lesion does not cause any inconvenience if the amount of functional parenchyma exceeds 25% of the total in both kidneys.

Week of 08-Mar-2019

Which lesion patterns are present in this lung?

Week of 01-Mar-2019

What is the name of this process?

Week of 22-Feb-2019

What is the name of this lesion?

Week of 19-Feb-2019

What is the possible aetiology of this lesion?

Week of 08-Feb-2019

What could be causing these lesions?

Week of 28-Jan-2019

Which can be the cause for this lesion?

Week of 11-Jan-2019

What is the name of this parasite?

Week of 03-Jan-2019

This image of a cross-section of a pig lung is characteristic of a pneumonia caused by:

Week of 27-Dec-2018

What pathogens are involved?