Week of 13-Apr-2017

What does this person do?




He tries to save a newborn piglet. Many of the piglets that are born dead, are actually born with a beating heart. The first step to save those piglets is to remove the mucus that obstructs the airways and apply a heart massage. In this case the massage is done by lightly stamping with the foot in a rhythmic way (like touching the bass drum) on the chest.

Week of 07-Apr-2017

Mesenteric lymph nodes enlargement are more likely consistent with:

Week of 31-Mar-2017

Why the faeces must be removed during the pre-farrowing period?

Week of 24-Mar-2017

In which production phase is this finding more frequently observed?

Week of 17-Mar-2017

What is the aetiological cause of this lesion?

Week of 10-Mar-2017

How is the texture of these organs?

Week of 03-Mar-2017

The turbinate lesion is due to:

Week of 24-Feb-2017

This pathology picture is more frequently found in:

Week of 17-Feb-2017

The most frequent localization of PDNS lesions is:

Week of 10-Feb-2017

What lesion can be seen?