Week of 12-May-2017

There is an increase in pigs with a swollen mass behind the rear legs, below the anus. It is most frequently located on the side. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?




The unilateral swollen mass in the rear of the hind legs below the anus is a scrotal hernia.

It is thought that it is caused by failed obliteration of the process vaginalis after descent of the testis, or from failed involution at the internal inguinal ring such that it does not close off properly after the testes descend into the scrotum. 

There is some genetic predisposition and some enviromental factors that can lead to an increase of ruptures. Some of those enviromental effects that could have an effect in the rate of hernias can be increased pressure at early age (piglet piling due to handling, cold temperature) or deficient castration technique.

Hernias can affect the growth of the animal, as well as its survival rate and the value of the carcass.

Week of 26-May-2017

In this confinement stall the slat level is below the passageway and the rear door is tight to the floor. Which of the following comments is true

Week of 19-May-2017

A dry white deposit is evident on the mucosal surface of the vulva of a sow served 25 days previously. What is it and what is its significance?

Week of 28-Apr-2017

What caused the sudden death of this 8 week old weaner?

Week of 13-Apr-2017

What does this person do?

Week of 07-Apr-2017

Mesenteric lymph nodes enlargement are more likely consistent with:

Week of 31-Mar-2017

Why the faeces must be removed during the pre-farrowing period?

Week of 24-Mar-2017

In which production phase is this finding more frequently observed?

Week of 17-Mar-2017

What is the aetiological cause of this lesion?

Week of 10-Mar-2017

How is the texture of these organs?