Week of 12-Apr-2019

Which is the most probable cause for the deformation of this ear?



incorrect answer

Ear deformed as a consequence of an haematoma. Found in a fattening pig at an abattoir. Ear haematomas are a consequence of traumas due to ear biting, violent shaking of the head due to an intense itching (e.g. mites) or because the pigs have been grabbed by the ears.

Ear haematomas can be seen in several stages: initially, the space between the skin and the cartilage is full of a bloody fluid. Later, that space becomes filled by fibrous tissue. Lastly, there is a skin and cartilage shrinkage, giving place to a deformed ear, such as the one in the picture.

Week of 24-May-2019

This type of lesion appears in cases of:

Week of 17-May-2019

What is the possible cause of this lesion found at the necropsy of a pig that had presented fever and lethargy?

Week of 10-May-2019

This animal showed very high fever as well as lethargy. What are the possible causes of these lesions?

Week of 03-May-2019

This animal showed respiratory problems. What can be the cause of these lung lesions?

Week of 26-Apr-2019

This lesion was found after the animal showed recurrent transient fever. Which are the possible causes?

Week of 18-Apr-2019

Which parasite is the culprit for these liver lesions?

Week of 05-Apr-2019

Which can be the causes for splenomegaly?

Week of 29-Mar-2019

What's the name of this malformation?

Week of 22-Mar-2019

Patches on the skin of a fattening pig seen at an abattoir. Which is the most probable cause for this lesion?