Week of 10-Nov-2017

After an increase of sudden deaths in growing and finishing pigs, lesions like this are detected. What is the most likely cause?



Correct answer

Intestinal torsion was the cause of death in this pig. This is usually a sporadic death. Mortality in weaned and growing pigs should normally be less than 3% and up to a third of this may be caused by torsion. If it reaches 1% or more, the dietary components should be examined closely to see if there are starch based ingredients that might cause excessive fermentation in the gut. In such cases, the addition of an antibiotic and/or increasing the fibre level in the diet will reduce the bacterial multiplication that produces intestinal gas and finally a twist.

Over-feeding could cause an abnormal fermentation of the contents of both the small and large intestine resulting in gas formation, increased pressure and a twist.

Week of 20-Sep-2018

Some gilts and sows have died suddenly during the last few months with no apparent clinical signs of disease. There is haemoperitoneum and splecnomegalia at post-mortem examination. What is the cause of mortality?

Week of 14-Sep-2018

Some finishing pigs are found with swelling of the tails with blood. What is the cause of it?

Week of 07-Sep-2018

A piglet is born alive with 6 legs. What is the cause of this finding?

Week of 31-Aug-2018

A lactating sow is found with widespread raised rhomboid lesions on the skin. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 24-Aug-2018

Dead pigs with cyanotic ears and lower and distal parts of the body are found in one room of a flat deck accommodation. Some pigs are alive but dope. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 17-Aug-2018

A sow is reluctant to walk. At inspection of the foot, a claw is warm, painful and there is a crack. What is this lesion?

Week of 10-Aug-2018

An increase of “humpy-back” pigs from 6 to 8 weeks of age was detected in this unit afecting up to 5% of the feeding herd with irrelevance of the sex. What is the cause of this lesion?

Week of 03-Aug-2018

What is the cause of this lesion?

Week of 27-Jul-2018

There are sudden deaths in sows and finishing pigs. The only lesion detected is in the liver with discoloration, enlargement and full of gass. What is the causative agent of this lesion?