Week of 09-Aug-2012

This pericarditis observed in a 15 kg weaned piglet is due to:


Week of 08-Jul-2016

Clinical manifestations of widespread jaundice include:

Week of 01-Jul-2016

What is the cause of the bruising on the loin?

Week of 23-Jun-2016

What is the cause of the abscess?

Week of 17-Jun-2016

What to do in case of a ruptured needle during an intramuscular injection?

Week of 10-Jun-2016

Intestinal emphysema vesicles are filled with:

Week of 03-Jun-2016

Where are the larvae of Trichinella spiralis found?

Week of 27-May-2016

Hermaphroditism in pigs

Week of 20-May-2016

In this I reproductive tract of a sow, what are the parts the arrows are pointing at?

Week of 13-May-2016

Where can the adult worms be found?