Week of 04-Jul-2013

This hydropericarditis is due to:


Week of 21-Oct-2016

Serous arthritis is caused by:

Week of 14-Oct-2016

What is the most likely cause of the presence of abscesses in this ham?

Week of 07-Oct-2016

What is the injury seen in the picture?

Week of 30-Sep-2016

Skin ulcers are caused by:

Week of 26-Sep-2016

What is the most common pathogen in arthritis?

Week of 16-Sep-2016

What is the risk linked to a scrotal hernia in a pig after slaughter?

Week of 09-Sep-2016

Which ones are risk factors for ear necrosis?

Week of 02-Sep-2016

The cause of the splenic hypertrophy is:

Week of 26-Aug-2016

What is the cause of an umbilical hernia?