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Every week we propose a challenge: guess what disease or pathogen lays behind images of diseased animals or organs.

Week of 04-Jul-2013

This hydropericarditis is due to:


Week of 10-Apr-2015

Which lesion is this?

Week of 02-Apr-2015

What is the name of the lesion observed in this carcass?

Week of 27-Mar-2015

What is the origin of the yellow discolouration observed in the ocular conjunctiva of this pig?

Week of 20-Mar-2015

Which lesion can be observed in the image?

Week of 12-Mar-2015

Which is the pathological diagnosis of the lesion observed in this picture?

Week of 05-Mar-2015

Which one of the following bacteria can produce this lesion in suckling piglets?

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