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Every week we propose a challenge: guess what disease or pathogen lays behind images of diseased animals or organs.
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Week of 04-Jul-2013

This hydropericarditis is due to:


Week of 31-Dec-2015

What is this lesion identified at autopsy section of the nasal cavity from this 10-week-old pig?

Week of 24-Dec-2015

What is this lesion in the airways and lungs of this older finisher pig?

Week of 18-Dec-2015

What is the likely cause of this thickening of the linings of the heart sac and lungs in a 7-weeks-old pig ?

Week of 11-Dec-2015

What is the aetiology of this facial lesion?

Week of 04-Dec-2015

What is the cause of the enlarged liver and spleen in this adult breeding pig ?

Week of 27-Nov-2015

What is the aetiology of the nodular lesions in the lymph nodes in this backyard farm pig ?

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