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Every week we propose a challenge: guess what disease or pathogen lays behind images of diseased animals or organs.

Week of 04-Jul-2013

This hydropericarditis is due to:


Week of 12-Feb-2015

Which lesion is this?

Week of 05-Feb-2015

Which is the most likely cause of this hepatic lesion?

Week of 29-Jan-2015

Which one of the following etiologies does NOT produce ear necrosis in pigs?

Week of 22-Jan-2015

In the picture we can observe severe thymus atrophy in a young piglet; in fact, only remnants of thymus are observed in the pre-cardial area, already in the thoracic cavity. Which one of the following infectious agents may cause this lesion?

Week of 15-Jan-2015

Which type of fetuses are these?

Week of 08-Jan-2015

What type of brain lesion is this one?