Week of 03-Mar-2017

The turbinate lesion is due to:



incorrect answer

Observing a transversal cut of the nose, ventral turbinates are moderately and asimetrically reduced in size with a change of the normal features. Lesions are consistant with atrophic rhinitis and different severity could be evident with nasal deviation and asymmetric distortion of the surrounding bone structure, softening of the nasal septum and possible discharges due to secondary infection.

The primary pathologic mechanism is consistent with progressive atrophic rhinitis (PAR), a condition where toxin producing strains of the bacterium Pasteurella multocida (type D), cause progressive inflammation and atrophy of the tissues and nose distortion. PAR could be a serious condition both in weaned and growing pigs where specific control programmes are not implemented. A semi-quantitative scoring system (0-5) could quantify the amount and distribution of the pathological changes.

The pig was one of three from a herd (site 1 and 2)  where specific vaccination program was implemented. No pigs demonstrated external noticeable deformities.

Week of 20-Apr-2018

These piglets died within 24 hours after injecting dextran iron in the leg at 2 days old. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 13-Apr-2018

The weaner pig on the left is pale when compared with a normal weaner on the right. These pale pigs are slow growing. What is the cause of the problem in this case?

Week of 06-Apr-2018

These piglets are stunt with distended abdomens. The perineal area in these pigs is abnormal at inspection. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 29-Mar-2018

This pregnant sow is constantly biting the bar above the feeder. What is the most likely cause of this condition?

Week of 22-Mar-2018

This sow has large brown scales on the skin over the back. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 16-Mar-2018

This gilt is pale and has a bloody diarrhoea. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 09-Mar-2018

Multiple lung abscessation (Pyaemia) is detected when doing a post-mortem in a finishing pig. What is the cause of this lesion?

Week of 02-Mar-2018

There is an increase of regular and irregular returns in the breeding herd accompanied by abortions, stillborns and mummified piglets. All parities are affected. What is the cause of abortion in this picture?

Week of 23-Feb-2018

Sudden death in 6 – 8 weeks old weaner pigs. Carcasses are pale. There is haemorrhagic abdominal fluid with clotted blood strands and hepatic rupture. Excess of fluid in the thorax. Heart and muscles are pale. What is the most likely cause?