Week of 03-Mar-2017

The turbinate lesion is due to:




Observing a transversal cut of the nose, ventral turbinates are moderately and asimetrically reduced in size with a change of the normal features. Lesions are consistant with atrophic rhinitis and different severity could be evident with nasal deviation and asymmetric distortion of the surrounding bone structure, softening of the nasal septum and possible discharges due to secondary infection.

The primary pathologic mechanism is consistent with progressive atrophic rhinitis (PAR), a condition where toxin producing strains of the bacterium Pasteurella multocida (type D), cause progressive inflammation and atrophy of the tissues and nose distortion. PAR could be a serious condition both in weaned and growing pigs where specific control programmes are not implemented. A semi-quantitative scoring system (0-5) could quantify the amount and distribution of the pathological changes.

The pig was one of three from a herd (site 1 and 2)  where specific vaccination program was implemented. No pigs demonstrated external noticeable deformities.

Week of 23-Jun-2017

This lesion is caused by:

Week of 16-Jun-2017

This lesion is caused by:

Week of 09-Jun-2017

This piglet is lethargic and non-pruritic. What is the cause of this condition?

Week of 02-Jun-2017

The following lesion is occasionally seen on the placenta following a normal full term farrowing. What is it and what is its significance?

Week of 26-May-2017

In this confinement stall the slat level is below the passageway and the rear door is tight to the floor. Which of the following comments is true

Week of 19-May-2017

A dry white deposit is evident on the mucosal surface of the vulva of a sow served 25 days previously. What is it and what is its significance?

Week of 12-May-2017

There is an increase in pigs with a swollen mass behind the rear legs, below the anus. It is most frequently located on the side. What is the most likely cause of this lesion?

Week of 28-Apr-2017

What caused the sudden death of this 8 week old weaner?

Week of 13-Apr-2017

What does this person do?