Excess heat from HAMLET PROTEIN to supply 3300 households in Horsens with district heating

The excess heat from HAMLET PROTEIN A/S’s plant in Horsens will now benefit the district heating customers of the city. Fjernvarme Horsens and HAMLET PROTEIN have signed an agreement which in the first year alone constitutes 70,000 MWh equal to the heating consumption of approx. 3300 households.

Monday 22 July 2019 (4 months 22 days ago)

In the next years, the district heating network in Horsens will be expanded and give access to a larger amount of heating and an opportunity for even more local families to benefit from HAMLET PROTEIN A/S’s excess heat.

- Environmentally, there are many benefits. The new plant collects large amounts of water from the purified process air at HAMLET PROTEIN A/S. This water is recycled into our production, which again means the company will have a significant decrease in their water consumption from the waterworks. The excess heat not used today will also benefit the district heating customers as well as the energy consumption will decrease for Fjernvarme Horsens to produce heating says Søren Munch, CEO at HAMLET PROTEIN.

- With HAMLET PROTEIN’s specialty proteins, we promote health, welfare and performance of farm livestock. However, the products’ unique properties are not enough for our customers. Other determining factors are the facts that our products are safe, well tested, and produced in a circular environmental process with no waste. By using our excess heating, we close the circle where the animal’s health and performance go hand in hand with safety and the environment. We are proud of this solution and look forward to getting it up and running says Søren Munch and continues:

- HAMLET PROTEIN’s products are based on soy beans, which are nature’s most efficient plants for the production of vegetable oil and protein. The combination with HAMLET PROTEIN’s patented production process – based on biotechnology optimizing the nutritional value of soy protein – results in a highly sustainable specialty protein with high nutritional content. Through HAMLET PROTEIN’s years of working with energy management, we have reduced our energy consumption significantly per ton finished product. The final amount of excess heat alone can create value in the district heating network. – Thereby, the circle is closed in our work with energy optimization and proteins made even more sustainable.

The new agreement represents a new way of thinking about companies’ excess heating and at the same time it lives up to the district heating network’s standard to operate on a long term basis. Long term investments and strong agreements are especially necessary when it comes to district heating and the agreement is beneficial for both parties – and for the environment.

The agreement constitutes that Fjernvarme Horsens will establish Denmark’s biggest yet heat pump plant alongside the company on Saturnvej in southern Horsens during 2019. The plant will have a max impact of 12 MW and Fjernvarme Horsens will be responsible for the daily operation. This has a clear advantage says Director Christian Niederbrockstruck, Fjernvarme Horsens.

- It will make it easier for us to align the daily operations with our other production facilities. Thereby allowing us to deliver the optimal heat supply for all of our customers and continue to deliver a stable and inexpensive heat, he points out and adds that without the big district heating project in Horsens in these years, the collaboration had never been a reality:

- Because we have an increase in the number of households on the district heating network these years, the whole project is financially sound says Christian Niederbockstruck.

A premise for the use of the excess heat is that the state taxes decrease. Because the excess heat primarily originates from an auto-thermal cleaning process taking place without adding extra energy, the taxes can be reduced.

- As a business case this collaboration between a utility company and a private company is a perfect example of how to utilize resources in the best way possible both for the environment, the company and the Danish citizens who benefit from this. We look forward to getting started and hopefully this project will inspire others in similar projects in the future says Søren Munch, HAMLET PROTEIN.


The new heat pump plant includes a scrubber to condense the water steam from the process air in HAMLET PROTEIN’s process. Through the condensation, a large amount of the heat in the process air is captured.

HAMLET PROTEIN can recycle this condensate in the product after cooling. Fjernvarme Horsens will be in charge of the cooling through a heat exchanger and a heat pump. The cooled heat is then sent out to the district heating customers.

Afterwards HAMLET PROTEIN can clean the cooled condensate and recycle the water as process water.

March 28, 2019 - HAMLET PROTEIN A/S

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