2014 Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. Customer Appreciation Night

The annual Topigs Norsvin Customer Appreciation Night for Western Canada was held on November 6 in Winnipeg.

Tuesday 9 December 2014 (4 years 3 months 10 days ago)

topigs_norsvin.gifThe annual Topigs Norsvin Customer Appreciation Night for Western Canada was held on November 6 in Winnipeg. This year’s event saw its largest attendance as more producers are using Topigs Norsvin genetics than ever before. With 2014’s continued higher hog prices and lower feed prices, the room had a definite mood of optimism and a positive attitude. The annual event is highlighted by the Production Awards Ceremony and this year included an interesting and informative guest speaker.

The guest speaker at this year’s event was Lars Bogevik. Lars is a Senior Genetics Technician for Topigs Norsvin. Lars was born and raised in Norway and has recently moved to Minnesota. In his presentation, Lars highlighted the success of Norway’s swine industry, the success of Norsvin genetics, its high health status, and strict bio-security standards. He talked about the recent merger of Topigs Norsvin and its commitment to bringing increased value and accelerated genetic progress to their domestic and international customers through large investments into research and development. Lars also shared details of a newly constructed 1,200 sow Genetic Nucleus in Northern Wisconsin which will produce Norsvin Landrace, Topigs Z-line, and Norsvin Duroc breeding stock for genetic advancement and retail sales.

Cam McGavin, Topigs Norsvin General Manager thanked Lars for his insightful presentation. He also went on to thank the many customers in attendance for their business and dedication to being among the best producers in the world.

Awards were presented to the winners and runners up for the best numbers in various production categories. Participation in the awards competition is optional for customers. Awards are presented based on a one-year period of performance ending June 30, 2014 from herds using Topigs Norsvin genetics.

This year’s data from participants included more than 59,740 sows from Canada and Montana with herd sizes averaging 996 sows per farm. All data from participating herds is submitted to SMS Swine Smart System Benchmarking (SMS) in Nebraska for data verification and equal calculations between herds.

Top producing Topigs Norsvin customer herds are now achieving more than 30 pigs weaned / mated female / year, more than 14 pigs born alive / litter and weaning over 12 pigs / litter. The average production numbers of the total sows entered were: 88.8% Farrowing Rate; 13.05 Pigs Born Alive / litter; and 27.84 Pigs weaned / mated female / year.

topigs speaker.jpg

The summary of the 2014 production award winners and runner-up winners listed by category.

Herds of 500 Sows or Less Category:
Farrowing Rate
Winner with 93.5% – Tenth Line Swine of Gorrie, Ontario
Runner-up with 92.5% – HiHoJo Ltd. of Wellandport, Ontario

Born Alive
Winner with 14.11 – A & A Van Ginkel of Leslieville, Alberta
Runner-up with 14.01 – Spring Lake Colony, of Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Pigs Weaned/Mated Female/Year
Winner with 31.25 – Cool Spring Colony of Minnedosa, Manitoba
Runner-up with 30.25 – HiHoJo Ltd. of Wellandport, Ontario

Herds of 501 – 1,200 Sows Category:
Farrowing Rate

Winner with 94.4% – Lakeside Colony of Cranford, Alberta
Runner-up with 93.0% – Venture View Swine of Seaforth, Ontario

Born Alive
Winner with 13.85 – Venture View Swine of Seaforth, Ontario
Runner-up with 13.74 – Rhineland Pork Ltd. of Winkler, Manitoba

Pigs Weaned/Mated Female/Year
Winner with 30.52 – Kuijpers Key Farm of Strathroy, Ontario
Runner-up with 29.61 – Blumengart Colony of Plum Coulee, Manitoba

Herds of 1,200 Sows or More Category:
Farrowing Rate

Winner with 93.5% – Stonywood Farm of Petervale, Ontario
Runner-up with 93.3% –The Dutch Barn of Cardale, Manitoba

Born Alive
Winner with 13.39 – Blue Ribbon Swine of Grunthal, Manitoba
Runner-up with 13.23 –Sunnybrook Swine Site 1 of Ste. Agathe,

PigsWeaned/Mated Female/Year
Winner with 30.44 – Sunnybrook Swine Site 1 of Ste. Agathe, Manitoba
Runner-up with 29.73 – Adare Pork of Lucan, Ontario

At this year’s banquet, a record number of award plaques were handed out to the winners of the Topigs Norsvin 26+ Club award. This year the 26+ Club Award was presented to 52 farms! This award is presented to the herds producing greater than 26.0 pigs weaned / mated female / year. The average result from the winners in this year’s 26+ Club was 28.1 pigs weaned / mated female / year. The award recognizes the hard work of customers in attaining these numbers and demonstrates the genetic potential of Topigs Norsvin breeding stock. The winners were presented with an award plaque.

The award for Best New Start-Up Herd in 2014 was awarded to Arie and Linda VandeBruinhorst of Clinton, Ontario. This award is presented to a new herd of any size that has not yet reached an average parity herd and was recently populated with Topigs Norsvin females. In the start-up phase of this 600 sow unit, this farm had outstanding results in its first 11 months of production. At an average parity of 1.73, the gilts weaned 11.98 pigs / litter resulting in 28.1 pigs weaned / sow / year! Thank-you to all who attended and helped to make the evening a great success! We look forward to more great results in 2015.

December 9, 2014 - Topigs Norsvin

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