Emøke Bendixen

Emøke Bendixen
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Aarhus University. Denmark

Emøke Bendixen is an associate professor and group leader at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Establishing robust health markers for farm animals has been a long term scientific goal throughout EBs career, and she has worked with mapping molecular mechanisms of a wide variety of common farm animal diseases, including pig gut health, bovine mastitis and wound healing in horse. She is an internationally leading figure in the field of farm animal proteomics, and her expertise includes mass spectrometry and proteomics-based monitoring of farm animal health and immunology. Her work includes system-wide studies of animal models, with specific interest and experience in combining genome information with biochemical studies. More recently, she has included metagenomics technologies in her research of pig gut health, and was the leader of the study of FUT1 gene variants in pigs, (funded by the Danish Research Council in 2012-2016).

Updated CV 04-Jul-2016