Dennis DiPietre

Dennis DiPietre

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Dennis DiPietre received the BSA and MS degrees from the University of Arkansas and the Ph.D. with Research Excellence from Iowa State University in 1986.  During this period he was a Research Associate of the Columbia Center for Futures, Columbia University, New York.  Dr. DiPietre has participated in continuing education from the USDA in Agricultural Ethics and from Harvard University (Senior Program on Negotiation) and the University of Chicago (Optimization Modeling in the Presence of Risk). 

From 1991 until 1999 he served as Extension Associate Professor and Leader of the Commercial Agriculture Swine-Focus Team at the University of Missouri-Columbia.   Beginning in 1999 he spent two years working in the area of e-commerce for agriculture as Director of the Food Applications Group at E-Markets, Inc. and as the Associate Director of the Center for Information Systems and Structural Change at the University of Minnesota. 

A consultant to agricultural and food industries since the mid 1980s, Dr. DiPietre now consults full time both nationally and internationally with leading production companies, packers, genetics and pharmaceutical companies as well as industry associations.  His practice focuses on innovation, precision production and marketing, cost containment, optimization modeling and negotiation.

A frequent speaker to pork producers, swine veterinary practitioners, industry and agricultural associations and industry management, he has co-authored a popular University textbook in Farm Management and contributed chapters to three other books as well as numerous refereed journal articles and contributions to professional meetings and societies.  A published journal article co-authored by Dr. DiPietre was selected for inclusion in the Core Historical Literature of Agriculture at Cornell University, a selected compendium of the key contributions to agricultural science and literature over the last 200 years. 

Dr. DiPietre is a recipient of the Missouri Governor’s Award for Quality and Productivity, and while at university, numerous teaching, advising and research awards.  He is a Leman Fellow of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV).

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Understanding the sow farm in terms of finisher profitability

21-Jul-2014 (5 years 5 months 30 days ago)

We hear a lot of talk about optimizing profitability in grow-finish through reducing standard deviation of marketed weights and aiming that tighter weight group at the profit optimal average weight at the time of marketing. It’s a bit like playing darts, you want the darts to be in tight group but it is also necessary to be near the bull’s eye on the target.

Understanding the sow farm in terms of finisher profitability

Meatless Monday as an economic survival strategy rather than an ethical choice?

14-Mar-2014 (5 years 10 months 6 days ago)

Increased prices for pork will lead to decreases in quantity demanded by the vast majority of consumers, export and domestic. This is especially the case in the current structurally high unemployment situation which has seen inflation-adjusted per capita personal income fall steadily since the market crash of 2007.

Meatless Monday as an economic survival strategy rather than an ethica