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Where's Wally?

The goal is to lose as little time as possible when looking for someone on the farm.

Wednesday 25 February 2015 (3 years 9 months 20 days ago)
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Losing as little time as possible when looking for someone on the farm. On the Agropecuaria Ramis Sedó farm (Puig-gros, Lleida, Spain) and on the Sgarzzonale farm of the Società Agrícola Gilberto (Cremona, Italy), they use different systems for finding the staff. We will be able to know, at a glance, in which building or room is Wally to be found.



The Sgarzzonale farm houses more than 1,500 sows in stage 1 with self-replacements, and all their piglets in stage 2. It also has an insemination center that can house up to 250 boars. It is a large farm with a wide central management corridor. We have taken a picture of either side from the middle of the corridor to give an idea of the size of the farm.

Location of the buildings

The staff travels up and down the management corridor on a bike. In this way they save a lot of time, but this also has another advantage:

Do you know where is Rina, the farm manager? - Rina's bike is the red one.

Red bike

On the Agropecuaria Ramis-Sedó farm they have found an easy system for finding people. When we turn on the lights in a building or a room, an indicator light turns on on the outside.

If we see the indicator light of a building or room on when in the management corridor we will know that there is someone in there.

This also helps us to know quickly if the have left a light turned on on the farm by mistake.

Indicator light


Watch for the monitoring of farrowings09-Mar-2015 3 years 9 months 6 days ago

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